Apple launches iOS 11.2 with Fast Charging

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iOS 11 becomes the biggest change Apple OS, they have done many promises but they are not yet completed.Some bugs got fixed and some new emojis had brought up but iOS 11.2 will be exciting due to the Apple Pay And Fast-Charging.We hope that they may include iMessages in iCloud.Here we will tell all about iOS 11.2 which we knew yet.

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Whats coming with iOS 11.2?

So far till now, we have received we have received Fifth Beta updates and this update is Sixth One

  • Some Minor Bug Fix
  • Apple Pay Cash & Faster Wireless Charging For iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus,  Notably
  • Apple fixed that bug in the Calculator app where one who enter 1+2+3 you’d get 24, maybe programming fault.

There is the number of Small visual changes

iOS 11.2 Beta 1

Album art in the Command Center is in a Square icon

  • Very few emoji’s had new art
  • New waiting Animation for Live Photo Effects
  • Most awaiting Update, you can use Wallpapers for iPhone X and iPhone 8 on your previous iPhone Models (iPhone 7, iPhone etc)
  • Smaller Lock Screen And Control Panel
  • Updates added the ability to control AirPlay through your Control Panel

iOS 11.2 Beta 2

  • According to Apple support, the biggest change to iOS 11.2 is Apple Pay but you should be 18 Years Old, live in the US.
  • Also, three new Wallpapers for the iPhone X which is free for first month or first two weeks
  • Fixes that Capital I bug

iOS 11.2 Beta 3

  • Launched on November 13 (exactly one month after iPhone X Launch)
  • The new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth appeared on control panel via Popup Message

  • This update solved fast charging issue that doesn’t fast charge the device.

iOS 11.2 Beta 4

  • Map design refresh for iPad
  • New setting for Camera App
  • Updated Siri
  • Cleaner Icon For Cellular Data (Old ones looks cheap)
  • New animations
  • Swipe to open/clear notification
  • AirDrop In Setting
  • Bolded Wifi Symbol On The Top

iOS 11.2 Beta 5

  • Beta 5 comes with many updates but only Under the hood, currently we don’t have any information related to that.

iOS 11.2 Beta 6

  • A few days ago Beta 6 update was rolled out, we haven’t seen any new major Updates, but the size of that update was huge 2.2GB maybe it increases the performance of the  device

Now the big question arises When will iOS 11.2 arrive?

Currently, we don’t know when they release those updates, the last update doesn’t come with any major updates so now we thought that they might the update soon, Apple would certainly like to get Apple Pay Cash out during the Holiday Season.

Can I Grab the iOS 11.2 Public Beta?

Yes you can, but you have to log in to Apple Beta Program page, you will see a tab to enrol just click on it.Apple will remind you to make a backup and then instruct on the instructing device.

We’ll continue to keep our eyes on the new updates to see if there are any new features So Please Stay tuned to us