Bug On Apple Can Give Anyone Access To Your Photos

Apple Bug Gives Anyones Access to Your Photos

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Recently a bug had found in the latest version of iOS devices which can give anyone permission to access your photos.This bug was first reported by a Youtuber iDeviceHelp. According to the YouTuber, if an iPhone user has target device in her possession & knows the Apple ID, then they could easily gain the access to your mobile.

So here is how it goes the attacker gives a Victim a FaceTime Audio Call but instead accepting and rejecting the call, the attacker taps the message button and chooses a custom option.Tapping on the custom option it promotes the message app to open, after that the attacker is required to randomly select three emoji characters.

Once done the attacker hangs up to FaceTime call & taps the home button to start Siri and ask her to open settings.At this point, Siri will ask the attacker to unlock the Victim Phone.YouTuber told that now the attacker needs to press the power button to put the phone in sleep mode.When this was done, the attacker needs to make another FaceTime Audio call from Victim Handset.Once the Victim gets call notification, they need to tap home button again & select custom menu.

Apple Should fix this problem otherwise Apple will again go in trouble


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