OnePlus 5T Stars Wars Limited Edition Launched

Images Source/Images Credit — Google Images

OnePlus 5T announced a Special Stars Wars Limited Edition of its flagship OnePlus 5T, While no launch date has been announced yet.The company has teased a reveal poster to build the hype around the OnePlus 5T ahead of the launch.

The Special Edition has a Stars Wars Logo and the OnePlus and the OnePlus Branding with FingerPrint Sensor, in front still it has a Back Finish, but the Power Button is now in red colour.We expect that phone consists of some Stars Wars Theme, Ringtones, Musics etc.

No release date has been announced yet, the reports state that it maybe launch in somewhere December 16 in India, with 15,000 Units Only, Stars Wars fans have great opportunity to buy this Device for their collection.

OnePlus 5T also succeed the Original OnePlus 5, but quite of them are disappointed due to the dis-continue of OnePlus 5, The Specification of the Device will be same as that of OnePlus 5T