Samsung Accessories Leaked Expected to Come with S9

Last Year, Samsung Galaxy S8 come with Samsung S8 which is expected to allow users to hook up their Smartphone to a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse like a desktop Computer.

Samsung Accessories Leaked Expected to Come with S9:

Now its rumored to launch the Galaxy S9 has been Spotted in a couple of leaked images.

As usual, the images were leaked by @evleaks in a tweet Yesterday, which gives us a quick overview of New Accessories.

As compared to the previous One the new one comes with few changes.

The S9 will give impression lie flat on the dock instead of upright like Galaxy S8.You will also have the Support of Wi-Fi.

Comes with two USB Ports – an HDMI and a USB Type-C and the male USB Type-C connector for the Galaxy S9 to plug into.

But we think it will work same as the S8 one.

The Leaked Images also comes with a Smartphone which maybe S8 which shows that it will come with 3.5mm Jack.


Samsung S9 Accessories

Images Source –  @evleaks