Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime Starts Receiving MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM(Only Nighty)

In 2016, Xiaomi launched Redmi 3S Prime which is a decent Smartphone with Starting Price 6,999 and Rs 8,999.

Now, Redmi 3S Prime has ultimately received MIUI 9 through a new MIUI 9.2 Version.

MIUI 9 ROM For Redmi 3S/3S Prime

According to the leaks, the new MIUI ROM doesn’t upgrade the Android OS.

Earlier, Xiaomi started Rolling Out MIUI 9 Update For Redmi Note 3 which also launches in 2016.

However, there are a ton of features to enhance the experience over the MIUI 8 Version i.e Running on MIUI 8.

The Rollout of the Redmi 3S MIUI 9 Global Update ROM was announced in MIUI Forum specifying the MIUI

The announcement was The Much Awaited MIUI 9 Global Stable Version V9.2.2.0 MALMIEK for Redmi 3S/Prime is currently being pushed to random users.The Update will be through OTA.

The new software size would be around 376MB(expected).

But Unfortunately, there is no upgrade in Android Security Patch Level, It still on 2017-04-01 and No Nougat, No Split Screen, No Quick Reply.

Also, Two new apps got Pre-Installed Mi Video and Mi Screen Recorder.

Some Improved features are:

  • Improved layout and Readability for search results in Contacts
  • Virus scans and payment scans were merged into Security Scan.
  • Better blocklist rules with the possibility of separated rules for every SIM Card.
  • Switch for turning Battery saver automatically when Charged.
  • New Display formats for update logs in Updates.

But Only Some users getting the update(Nighty).